-gENERATORS is a Techno Music Group from Agia Anna (N. Evia) consisted of mATIS & fORESTER.There is also a group of various people from different backgrounds that help in various ways, and thats why we liketo call ourselves "gENERATORS cOMMUNITY".

-The group’s sound is based on electronical tunes but there is a strong essense of Rock - Blues & Psy(!) elements.
Despite their daytime jobs fORESTER & mATIS like to create different sets in every concert inspired by each event’s uniqueness and with the help of the “cOMMUNITY” redecorate the gig’s space every time to be suitable for our needs and aisthetics.

Such events are:
Dirty Talk(s) (2011 - 2020)
Closer to the Light (Summer 2012)
Seven (Spring 2013)
Plundered my Soul (Autumn 2013)
Far Away (Winter 2014)
Animals Union (Autumn 2014)
Dry Techno (Autumn 2016)